Introducing the New Batch Reprocess Tool

Introducing the New Batch Reprocess Tool

Introducing the New Batch Reprocess Tool

At BugSplat, we're constantly searching for ways to help our users save time and energy while fixing crashes. We do this by providing them with more tools to quickly identify the underlying defects that cause problems in their apps.  In that vein, we're excited to introduce the Batch Reprocess Tool (view technical doc here), a new feature that allows users to quickly select a set of crashes and have them reprocessed in bulk.

Developers can now effortlessly reprocess multiple crash reports simultaneously, eliminating the tedious manual reprocessing of individual crash reports. To use the new tool, simply navigate to the Crashes page, select the set of crashes you want reprocessed with the filter tool, and then hit the 'Reprocess' button. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and hello to streamlined productivity.

Like much of what we ship - this feature was born out of discussions with our users.  In this case users identified several situations where reprocessing a set of crashes with similar issues would be useful. The most common occurrences include:

  1. Addition of Symbols: Sometimes symbols need to be added to crash reports after their initial submission. The Batch Reprocess Tool makes this a breeze, ensuring that crash reports are promptly updated with the latest symbol information. Gain a comprehensive understanding of past crashes that may have lacked symbol details, providing valuable insights for your development process.
  2. Auto-Group Rule Changes: As your project evolves, auto-group rules may undergo modifications. With the Batch Reprocess Tool, adapting to these changes becomes effortless. It allows you to reevaluate and regroup crashes based on the updated rules, providing a clearer and more accurate representation of your crash data. Stay in sync with your project's dynamic nature and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Please note that the Batch Reprocess Tool currently supports a maximum of 50 crashes at a time, and completion may require a few minutes. So while the reprocessing magic is happening, you can take a short break to grab a coffee or catch up on other important tasks.

In conclusion, the Batch Reprocess Tool is a powerful ally in your quest for efficiency when trying to understand the crash defects present in your app.Whether you're adding symbols, adjusting auto-group rules, or addressing processing errors, this tool has you covered.

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