Quickly determine how many users experienced a crash

Quickly determine how many users experienced a crash

Quickly determine how many users experienced a crash

We've just released a way to track the number of users affected by a crash!

If you navigate to the Summary page, you'll see a column labeled Users Affected, this column shows how many unique users have been affected for each row in the crash summary table. With the data provided by this new column, you’ll have additional information available for prioritizing fixes.  The ‘Count’ column is unchanged, and reports the total number of crashes reported by all users.

How are 'Users Affected' counted?

To provide a count for 'Users Affected', BugSplat identifies unique users: a specific combination of IP Address, user name, email, appName, and appVersion.

Often the user name and email are blank. No biggie, we can distinguish unique users by their IP address.

But, IP Addresses can be shared amongst many users in certain situations, such as behind a corporate firewall. In these cases, enabling the "Include Internal IP Address" option can distinguish multiple unique users.

What about obfuscating PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

Some teams decide to obfuscate IP addresses, which are central to determining users affected by a crash.  Teams that have taken this step may want to programmatically provide unique user names, allowing BugSplat to still determine an accurate 'User Affected' number.

Let us know!

As always, we love to hear feedback about our new features. If we can improve, please send us a note at hi@bugsplat.com.

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